Some of My Favorite Tech Resources

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Folks ask me once in a while what resources I like for learning various aspects of tech, so I've compiled them into a list. These are certainly not the only ways to learn! There are oodles of resources available for each topic, and the ones below are the ones that resonated most with me. If they don't hit the spot for you, keep looking for ones that do! There isn't one right way to learn. I'll update this list every so often!

General bits and pieces

Coding tools


I'm still learning the nuances of Git, and these have been super helpful:

  • Git Branching Tutorial is great for learning Git concepts in a visual way

  • GitKraken is great for using Git in a visual way. I mostly use Git commands in my terminal, but I always fire up GitKraken when I need to anything like a rebase

IDEs (Integrated Development Environments)

  • I mostly use VS Code these days. I have lots of plugins installed, but the ones that apply to all purposes are:

  • When I worked exclusively in Python I loved PyCharm


I use Vim in my terminal for little things and Vim plugins in my IDE and in Obsidian for everything else. It's completely possible to use Vim as a standalone editor, but I like having both options—Vim and modern IDE—available. As I'm learning Vim I'm liking:


If you're learning your first programming language, freeCodeCamp is an outstanding resource, with full curricula and a friendly, helpful community.



I'm currently learning Go, and liking:


Technical writing

CLI design

I can't wait to implement these!

I hope this was helpful! Thanks for reading. 😊

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